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Video Extreme
Top of the line, programmable, expandable, high performance Video Frame Grabber

The Video Extreme is designed with the demanding developer in mind. The processing power is supplied by a powerful XILINX VIRTEX FPGA. This provides the flexiblility and horsepower needed to implement your most challenging designs.
The XILINX VIRTEX FPGA is fully reprogrammable allowing you to make this board do things we never dreamed of. Like our other products we include a complete list of the boards registers, addresses and functional description. Our technical support is staffed by software developers and application engineers. We are here to help you to quickly and painlessly get your application up and running.
PCI BUS only. Base price $799 includes:
> 50K logic gate XILINX FPGA
> XILINX speed grade -5
> 1 Mega Byte On board SRAM Memory, access time 12nS
> above three parameters can be upgraded, see table below-
> 512 X 480 resolution NTSC / 640 X512 optional
> 768 X 512 resolution PAL
> External trigger standard
> Brightness & Contrast Software adjustable in Real Time.
> Live Video output into a window on your VGA monitor using our WindowSmart® technology.
WindowSmart® technology is dedicated specialized hardware circuitry which places the video in a window so that the CPU is free to perform other tasks. This is a huge advantage over other video cards which can tie up both the CPU and the PCI bus to accomplish live video in a window.

> 1 composite video input
> 1 VGA output ( D type 15)
> 1 VGA input ( D type 15)
The VGA input is for your VGA graphics card . It sends its video signal into the Video Extreme. The Video Extreme
WindowSmart® technology then inserts the Live Video in a window and sends this new VGA signal out to your monitor.

HARDWARE OPTIONS: (Call for pricing)
> 2 video inputs, optional..$20
> 4 video inputs, optional...$50
Input LUT...$40
> Multiple Image Buffers...$ call
> Unique internal ID number for each board for software protection..$20 ( 10pc min)
> Real time hardware implemented algorithms for logical & arithmetic operations between frames or groups of pixels...$ call
Functions such as:
- recursive frame averaging
- video frame integration
- image rotation
- convolutions
- adding / subtracting frames
- center of mass calculations
- overlay
- scan rate conversion
- chromakey
- de-interlacing
These operations can be performed in real time on a frame by frame basis. Many other functions are possible. Please call.


Source code is sold by Catenary Systems. Borland support is also available.

Video Extreme PCIBUS..............$799

SOFTWARE: .... (All included FREE )
1. Windows & DOS User friendly program.
Capture, preview and save images in JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX and binary.
2. Library of MicroSoft C callable routines. 100+ images processing routines. This is the VICTOR Image Processing Library by Catenary Systems.
3. ImageJ - This is a Java based Image Processing Package written by the US National Institiute of Health. It is widely used by researchers all over the world. Hundreds of users have contributed Plugins and Macros to continually expand its features.


XILINX 50K Logic Gates standard
XILINX 100K Logic Gates $214
XILINX 200K Logic Gates $368.40
XILINX Speed grade -5 standard
XILINX Speed grade -6 $20
XILINX Speed grade -7 not available yet
Memory Speed 12nS standard
Memory Speed 10nS $20
Memory Speed 8nS $60
....give us a call today 1-800-884-1734
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